Professor Andrew Smith

Professor Andrew Smith

University College Dublin – School of Classics

General CV

I studied Classics at the University of Hull (BA 1966) and began research on later Greek Philosophy at the University of Hull and the University of Bern under the direction of Professor Willy Theiler. I was Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Greek, University of Liverpool, with Hilary Armstrong and Henry Blumenthal (1969-70).

I was Lecturer in Classics University College Galway (1970-1974). From 1974 -1992 I was Lecturer in Classics University College Dublin (UCD). In 1984 I held a Humboldt Fellowship at the University of Munich. From 1992-2010 I was Professor of Classics at UCD. In 2000 I was Elected Member of the Royal Irish Academy.

My interests lie primarily in Ancient Philosophy but also in the archaeology of the ancient world. I catalogued the Roman coins in the Classical Museum and have taken part in excavations in southern Portugal. I have led numerous student archaeological tours to Greece and Italy as well as the biennial archaeology tours of the Classical Association of Ireland (to France, Spain, Italy, Greece Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia).

I am also sometime Chairman of the Irish Hellenic Society, Classical Association of Ireland, National Committee for Greek and Latin Studies, Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens. I am a regular, core member of the Trinity Plato Centre at Trinity College Dublin.