Plotinus on the Kinds of Being: Workshop on Ennead VI.2

On 10 January 2020 the Trinity Plato Centre, together with the Centre Léon Robin, KU Leuven, and the FWO sponsored a workshop on Plotinus Ennead VI.2 in Paris. This workshop brought together a number of specialists on Plotinus to consider this challenging tractate.


Damian Caluori (University of Edinburgh)

“Genera in Ennead VI.2.1-2″

Respondent: Alberto Kobec (KU Leuven)

Riccardo Chiaradonna (Roma Tre University)

“Live in Ennead VI.2 (and beyond)

Respondent: Pauline Sabrier (Trinity Plato centre)

Christopher Noble (Syracuse University)

“Everything (and I do mean everything) is present in Intellect: Forms and Natural Teleology in Ennead VI.2.21 (and elsewhere)”

Respondent: Peter D. Larsen (Trinity Plato Centre)