Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Work-in-Progress Seminar 2019-2020

Below is a list of speakers and titles from the meetings of the Work-in-Progress Seminar during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Autumn 2019

Wednesday 9 October

Simone Nota

‘The paradox of falsity and non-being in Parmenides and Plato’


Wednesday 16 October

Keith Begley

‘Jerrold J. Katz’s Democritean Semantic Theory’


Wednesday 30 October

Vasilis Politis

‘Why does thought require essences, or forms? (Plato’s Parmenides)’


Wednesday 6 November

Peter D. Larsen

‘”A notion of the true system of the world”: Berkeley and his use of Plato in Siris


Wednesday 13 November

Keith Begley

‘Heraclitus’ Rebuke of Polymathy: A Core Element in the Reflectiveness of His Thought’

Spring 2020

Tuesday 21 January

Margaret Hampson

‘The Learner’s Motivation and the Structure of Habituation in Aristotle’


Tuesday 28 January

Giulio Di Basilio

‘Aristotle on Deliberating Geometrically’


Tuesday 4 February

Vasilis Politis

‘Reason and Love in Plato’


Tuesday 11 February

Jiayu Zhang

‘The Discovery of Corporeal Elements’


Tuesday 18 February

Takaharu Oda

‘The Eucharistic Semiotics: Peirce’s Pragmatist Roots in Berkeley’s Quasi-Reference’


Tuesday 25 February

Robert Toth

‘Whether Plato’s Forms are Interrelated’


Tuesday 10 March

Peter D. Larsen

‘Plato and Aristotle on Sound and Hearing’