Weekly Reading Seminar

The weekly reading seminar goes back to the original founding of the Centre, and its aim is to bring together scholars and students to engage in close readings of core texts from Plato and the Platonic Tradition. Traditionally the text of choice in the first semester is a Platonic dialogue, and in the second semester it’s either another ancient text from the Platonic Tradition, or a modern philosophical text with Platonist influence. These seminars also feature regular presentations by participants on relevant secondary literature.

The Weekly Reading Seminar is currently focusing on Socrates’ second speech in the Phaedrus, and is meeting virtually, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, on Wednesday mornings. If you would like to participate in the seminar please contact Dr Peter Larsen.

Past Reading Seminar Topics

Below is a list of the texts that have occupied us in the Reading Seminar over the past years.


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Lysis

Spring Semester – Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics Book VII and Cicero’s De Amicitia


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Philebus

Spring Semester – Plato’s Republic Books 8-9


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Statesman

Spring Semester – Plotinus’ Ennead VI.7


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Republic Books 5-6

Spring Semester – Proclus’ Elements of Theology


Autumn Semester – Plotinus’ Ennead VI.2

Spring Semester – Plotinus’ Ennead VI.2


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Seventh Letter

Spring Semester – Plato’s Laws Book 10


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Cratylus

Spring Semester – Parmenides’ Poem


Autumn Semester – Plotinus’ Ennead IV.6

Spring Semester – Plato and Scepticism


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Symposium

Spring Semester – Plato’s Symposium


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Timaeus

Spring Semester – Aristotle’s De Caelo


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Phaedrus

Spring Semester – Plotinus’ Ennead II.5


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Republic Book 10

Spring Semester – Berkeley’s Siris


Autumn Semester – Plato’s Hippias Major

Spring Semester – Plato’s Alcibiades I