Workshop on Aristotle’s Metaphysics Beta

On 25 and 26 September 2015 the Trinity Plato Centre hosted a workshop on the first three aporiai of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Beta. The workshop was chaired by Dr Jakob Fink (Copenhagen). Dr Fink presented a paper titled, ‘Peri tou pragmatos: Is objectivity a feature of Aristotle’s aporia-based method?’ and introduced his book Aristotles Socraticus. Apori og metaphysik tænkning hos Aristoteles.


Friday 25 September

Jakob Fink (Copenhagen)

“Peri tou pragmatos: Is Objectivity a Feature of Aristotle’s Aporia Based Method?”

Aristotle’s First Aporia
Metaphysics Beta 1, 995b4-6 and Beta 2, 996a18-b26

Aristotle’s Second Aporia
Metaphysics Beta 1, 995b6-10 and Beta 2, 996b26-997a15

Saturday 26 September

Aristotle’s Third Aporia
Metaphysics Beta 1, 995b10-13 and Beta 2, 997a15-25

Comments and reflections, by Dr Fink and Vasilis Politis, on Dr Fink’s new book (in Danish)

“Aristoteles Socraticus. Apori og metafysisk tænkning hos Aristoteles”, and open discussion

Aristotle’s Fifth Aporia
Metaphysics Beta 1, 995b13-18 and Beta 2, 997a33-998a18