Workshop on Plato’s Parmenides

As part of the wider research programme in preparation for the XII Symposium Platonicum, organized by the International Plato Society, and held in Paris in July 2019, the Trinity Plato Centre hosted a satellite workshop on the topic: Plato’s Parmenides in relation to Plato’s other dialogues. This event, which was held on 24 and 25 March 2018 brought together an international group of researchers for a two-day workshop.


Saturday 24 March

Evan Rodriguez

Idaho State University

“More than a reductio: Plato’s method in Parmenides and beyond”

Wolfgang Mann

Columbia University

“The slogan ouk estin antilegein and the late-learners in Plato’s Sophist”

David Horan

Trinity Plato Centre

“The One in Plato: Parmenides and Sophist”

Vasilis Politis

Trinity College Dublin

“How, and in what dialogue, does Plato argue for the Parmenides claim that forms are necessary for thought and speech?”

Sunday 25 March

Pauline Sabrier

Sun Yat-Sen University

“Can forms have parts and nevertheless remain one? A comparison between the Parmenides and the Sophist

Jens Kristian Larsen

University of Bergen

“Socrates the Eleiatic: On the Eleiatic Origins of Socrates’ Art of Conversation”