Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Work-in-Progress Seminar

Current Schedule

Autumn 2020

Monday 7 September

Jiayu Zhang

‘Simple Bodies as the Explanatory Factors of Locomotion in De Caelo I.2′


Wednesday 7 October

Giulio Di Basilio

‘Aristotle on Natural Virtue and the Utility of Practical Wisdom’


Monday 16 November

William Strigel

‘Plato’s Comic Principles: On the Ascetic Socrates of the Protagoras


Wednesday 18 November

Pauline Sabrier

‘Plato’s method of enquiry in the Sophist: the relation between the questions: “What is there?” and “What is being?”‘


Monday 14 December

Vasilis Politis

‘Dialectic and the Ability to Orientate Ourselves Towards Knowledge and Reality, Republic V–VII’

Spring 2021

Monday 11 January

Peter D. Larsen

‘Examples in the Meno


Monday 25 January

Margaret Hampson

‘Aristotle on the Nature of Habituation’

Past Work-in-Progress Seminars